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Purim: Light Out of Darkness

“There is no light except that which comes from darkness.”
— Zohar

The first Purim like the Zohar quote came directly out of the darkness. Out of the immanent spectre of annihilation. We read the Megillah knowing the outcome but for Mordechai and Esther the ending was unknown. On the brink of doom Esther is charged with a life or death decision and thrusts herself into unknown "and if I am lost" she says, "then I am lost." She and the nation fast for three days which we commemorate every year with the fast of Esther. Her bravery changed everything, as the Psalm says: "You turned my lament into dancing, you undid my sackcloth and girded me with joy" (30:12).

Purim, light, only comes on the back of darkness, feasting out of fasting. Purim really happens on the Fast of Esther. And in life too, if you see darkness, it is only because of the greatness of the light to come.

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