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Retrieving the Sparks of Life, Restoring the Wellsprings of Joy

Wellspring Programme: Wellbeing Coaching  adapts Lurianic Kabbalah's psychology of redemption, combined with mindfulness, breathing exercises and visualisation techniques from Hasidism and the Ecstatic Kabbalah, as a targeted approach to unlocking our inherent wellbeing. 


Lurianic Kabbalah describes a reality suffused with Divine lights or Sparks of Holiness (nitzotzot hakodesh), only these lights are encased in hard shells (klipot) of doubts, misunderstandings, cravings and aversions. When these sparks are released (berur) we gain freedom from the hard shells and find in their place a profound clarity of mind and a deep wellspring of joy.

The programme relies on the research into neuroplasticity, the brains ability to rewire itself and adapt to new situations. Research has shown the brain's amazing ability to recover functionality after significant damage. Neuroplasticity is the mechanism behind the efficacy of mindfulness and mindset training which are the basis for the Wellspring Programme (see here).

Neuroplasticity allows for a "sparks and wellspring orientation" independent of religious or scientific beliefs. They are enacted as a guide and vehicle for one's awareness and imagination allowing the mind and emotions to find their natural stability; progressively leading to a calmer, more fulfilled and empowered base state.



The Peshischa Rebbe taught that "there is priceless treasure buried deep within your own heart and mind".


Behind our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, lies our original nature - ever awake, primordially pure, perpetually blissful, and inseverably  joined to our Divine source.



The Zohar says "there is no light except that which comes from darkness."


Our experiences - thoughts, feelings and beliefs - and surroundings obscure our perception of our original nature, yet hold within them the very link to it as hidden sparks of Holiness.




"Teshuvah is so great it can turn a liability into an asset," from the Amorah Reish Lakish.


Teshuvah means to return or restore something to its original form. This Talmudic dictum demonstrates a precursory understanding of neuroplasticity. 


Training Element

The first element of the Wellspring Programme is learning the method for releasing the sparks and accessing the wellspring. This method is called Unification (yichud) or alternatively, Integration. The process for integration involves an additional four elements which relate to the different aspects of the personality from the Kabbalah: mindfulness, relaxation, breathing exercises, and intention (willingness or resolve). The process is learned as a guided meditation during the sessions and can be self-guided at home (proficiency normally comes after 7-10 teacher-guided sessions).


Awareness of feelings, thoughts and emotions


Regulation of the inhalation with the exhalation


Visualisation of sounds and sensations


Readiness and willingness to face your reality

Inner Unity

Reclaiming and Integrating the hidden sparks of life

Coaching Element

The coaching element of the Wellspring Programme supplements the guided meditation to take a more holistic view of wellbeing, with particular consideration of the PERMA model of wellbeing. This model is based on Martin Seligman's considerable research into the topic, published in his 2011 book FlourishThe PERMA wellbeing model states that Wellbeing is measured in terms of the quality and degree of a person's:

  1. Positive Emotion. Good feelings such as happiness.

  2. Engagement. The ability to be in and access the "flow state", characterised by complete immersion in activity and loss of self-consciousness.

  3. Positive Relationships with others, community and friendship.

  4. Meaning. As Viktor Frankl showed in his bestselling Man's Search for Meaning, meaning is something that can keep one alive even in the darkest places.

  5. Accomplishment. The story goes that when the mountaineer George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest, his response was "because it's there." Sometimes we seek accomplishment for its own sake. 

The coaching model itself follows the three stage A.P.E. (Aspiration, Practice, Evaluation) approach developed by Rabbi Gigi, whilst taking into account alternative reflective models where appropriate:

  • Aspiration.  What do you want to achieve?

  • Practice. What are the steps that take you there?

  • Evaluation. Is it working?


How Do the Sessions Work? The sessions will include between 30-40mins guided meditation with the remainder of the session available for coaching and guidance. The first session will include an orientation to the process prior to the guided practice and in place of the coaching.

How Do I Sign Up? Send us message below for a booking form and to book your free consultation, or for more information.

Where? Online Via Zoom or In-Person in London, UK

How much? £75/hr for a single session or £55/hr when booking 4 or more sessions. 

"When the mind is turned away from thoughts of outside, turned instead to face itself, the body drops off and the mind is translucent, reflecting only the natural radiance of the luminous self" 

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